Sconza Chocolates Fall Collection Review

sconza fall collection

The Sconza chocolate brand is literally a dream true. This brand of chocolate candies comes from three generations of goodie lovers. Brought to life through passion, hard work, and fun, Sconza takes you to delightful places with every bite of their chocolates.  View this post on Instagram ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 🍫: @sconzachocolates Fall Collection 📍: Website ⁣ … Read more

Hakubaku Fresh Ramen Noodles Review⁣


Japan is one of the many Asian countries that influence the food industry. People all over the world continuously praise the taste of Japanese dishes and snacks, especially with Hakubaku Fresh Ramen Noodles. Hakubaku defines themselves as “The Kokumotsu Company.” Kokumotsu is the Japanese term for “grain,” which is the company’s special product. Hakubako provides … Read more

Calajo Catering LA Baon Box Review

Calajo Catering

Calajo Catering LA is run by kitchen artists who joined talents to create a taste of Filipino culture in the West Coast. The Filipino fusion-inspired company aims to make gatherings memorable and wholesome as part of their culture. Food is more than just the edible stuff you put in your mouth and swallow. If a … Read more