About Kat

Kat is a Snack Curator and enthusiast. She’s commonly asked by friends and family to give snack recommendations. She focuses on showcasing Asian snacks, Keto snacks, and recently maternity snacks since she’s a new mom to her son Cove. She’s worked with brands such as Irvings and restaurants in the Los Angeles area.

Since childhood, I’ve had an obsession with snacking which has continued to flourish through my curiosity for new adventures and flavors.

I love how accessible snacks are to a variety of cultures, age groups, and palates. It can be so natural to initiate conversations and connections by simply picking up a snack, sharing it, and discovering more together as a community.

My passion project really seeks to bring more fun to snacking through fun videos. This started as a creative outlet for my career in healthcare. As an occupational therapist, I work alongside individuals to become more independent with meaningful activities whether it’s self-care, work, or personal hobbies.

I have found meaning in snacking – a simple yet universal activity – through a new creative process of sharing it with the world. Thank you for joining me and let’s get snacking!

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