Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Bar Review

Those five magic words: Brown! Sugar! Boba! Ice cream! Bar! Who knew five sweet words could be powerful enough to wipe out an entire freezer section across many cities, states, and countries? What is Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream? The … Read More

Coconut Candy: Hard Roasted Coconut Candy

Chun Guang Coconut Candy

Meet the best coconut candy of your life: Chun Guang Coconut Candy. So good that my own mother insisted I buy it, and she doesn’t even like candy…or snacks…or junk food (basically all the joys of what was once the food pyramid – RIP)

Taste & Texture

Open coconut candy wrapper

Imagine the rich comforts of a Werther’s Original caramel candy topped off with a lingering roasted coconut flavor. The hard candy texture will prolong this heavenly combination in your mouth – that is until you become too impatient to indulge any longer and gleefully bite into it creating a multitude of delicious layers and pieces.


One bag comes with about 25 individually wrapped single candies. Perfect for sharing! Light and easy to throw around in a few different places so you’ll always have one on you.

Where to Purchase

I purchased this bag at a Vietnamese grocery store in Houston (Viet Hoa), but you can probably find it at most Southeast Asian grocery stores in the candy aisle.

Snack Summary

The complex layers of flavors, easy texture, and addictive taste make this candy a winner. RUN to the grocery store and grab 5 bags. Thank me later.

Open Coconut Candy Package