The Best Korean Snacks You Can Enjoy With K Dramas


Have you binge-watched your favorite Korean dramas and say that you want to try the Korean snacks the actors are eating. Well, you’re not alone.

There are probably a million more who feel the same way you do. South Korea is one of the popular countries that influence the world’s view of Asian snacks.

Many people worldwide have their personal favorites when it comes to Korean singing groups, Korean dramas, and all the way down to the best Korean snacks.

Here are the best Korean snacks you can munch on while watching your favorite Korean drama.

Best Korean Snacks

1. Choco Pie

best korean snacks choco pie
Chocolate coated surprise. Source: JD

One of the staples and the best Korean snacks in the market is the Orion Choco Pie, a vanilla cream sandwich cake coated in chocolate.

The popularity of choco pie does not only praise the Korean snack industry, but it also puts in a good word as one of the most iconic Asian snacks you ought to try.

Orion Choco pie is a favorite snack among many Korean food enthusiasts as its delicious taste and sweet, satisfying filling makes it a definite must-try. 

2. Pepero

best korean snacks pepero
Unofficial flag shoot for Pepero Day. Source: Alpha

If Japan celebrates Pocky day annually, South Korea celebrates an unofficial Pepero Day every 11th of November.

This Korean snack introduces the fun bit of Korean culture through its many delicious flavors and texture, which coats the cookie stick but leaves you with an inch of uncoated cookie for a cleaner snack experience. 

3. Azuki Bean Rice Ball Snacks

best korean snacks azuki
The Sweet Cheetos. Source: Buzzfeed

Do you have a great love for Cheetos texture? You would love these bean rice ball snacks with a similar consistency as the cheesy Cheetos; only its taste is sweet.

You get to experience a particular flavor on the outside and enjoy the “injeolmi” seasoning. This imitates a flavor like the popular Korean rice cakes that make you crave for more.

4. Dried Squid (haeojingeo)

best korean snacks dired squid
A Korean snack that will get you hooked on biting. Source: Bestmadeinkorea

Dried anything is a staple Asian snack, and Korea offered dried squid snack which is like the popular beef jerky.

If you love salty snacks and are ready to try a new texture, this protein-loaded snack is a must-try. Many may think this snack is unusual, but one try, and you’ll get hooked, like your K-dramas.    

5. Roasted Seaweed or Seaweed Crisps

best korean snacks roasted seaweed
Perfect as a stand alone snack or added to your noodes or rice. Source: Amazon

Seaweed has taken the international snack scene by storm as it has superfood properties. Korea has produced Seaweed crisps that are roasted seaweed, best to enjoy alone or added to other Korean food, like noodles.

You will love its light texture, savory taste, and the fact that it’s nutritiously beneficial. You get to choose your favorite flavor among its many. It has a special Korean BBQ flavor, which combines barbecue spice with seaweed’s distinct texture.

You can munch on this and think you’re in Korea for a vacation. 

6. Lotte Kancho Choco Biscuit 

best korean snacks kancho
Heartwarming treats with cute prints. Source: Ali M

If you love snacking on desserts, Lotte has got you covered. Their Kancho Choco Biscuit makes for a dreamy Korean snack with its light and flaky cookies filled with chocolate.

It gives a hint of milk chocolate flavor that you can just pop in your mouth as an on the go snack pack. It has adorable pictures on each cookie to cheer you up when you need a taste of sweetness.                                                                                     

7. Lotte Ghana Chocolate

best korean snacks ghana
You can never go wrong with chocolates. Source: Wikimedia

Another Lotte creation is the Ghana chocolate that every chocolate lover loves. Ghana is a great Korean snack to indulge as the smooth texture pars with the delicious taste this chocolate bar gives. You can’t say no to chocolates.                                                                                                                     

8. Korean Waffle Mate

best korean snacks waffle mate
Coffee date at home? Perfect. Source: CGI ebay

Was your breakfast not enough to fulfill your tummy? Waffle Mate is a Korean snack brought to you buy Lotte that you get to enjoy mid-morning. Not too sweet, these honey made waffles goes perfectly with coffee or tea.

They’ll become soft when you dip them to give you that melts in your mouth food experience. If you’re not a coffee fan, you can enjoy this Korean deliciousness on its own. 

9. Honey Butter Chip

best korean snacks honey butter chips
Getting the chips on. Source: Amazon

If you’re one of the many who love munching on chips while watching TV or K-Dramas, then you must know about Honey Butter chips. You probably love these crispy things.

hese popular and well-loved chips are almost always sold out as they are bought in boxes by chip lovers. They are like your regular crispy potato chips; only it tastes better with honey butter.

Be sure to snatch a bunch when you find them, as they tend to be really hard to find. 

Korean Snack Summary

Korea is one of the many great Asian countries that are well-known for its delicious food choices. If you’re looking for a bunch of Korean snacks to try, make sure to include these snacks in your bag.

Some you can find in the nearest supermarket, and others you can find in your local Asian snack store. Be sure to pair your favorite snack with the latest Korean drama for the best Korean experience. 

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