Best Travel-Friendly Snacks to Get You Full On the Go

With the tight times today, most of us miss hitting the road or hurrying to catch our flights for our next destination trip.

The pandemic may have paused our passports and road trips, but not our plans. Be sure to have your next trip planned out, and don’t forget to pack your snacks for the road.

Here are the best travel-friendly snacks to fancy your imagination for your next holiday and spontaneous trip. 

8 Best Travel-Friendly Snacks

1. Dried Fruit

best travel friendly snacks peeled snacks
Dried fruits will give you a delicious snack on the road. Source: TaratheFoodie

Fruits make for a healthy snack on-the-go and an excellent addition to your favorite set of trail mix. Peeled Snacks offer a healthier snack version for dried fruit as they do not add any sugar, sulfites, or preservatives to their fruit snacks.

Perfect healthy travel snacks for those who like vegan, gluten-free snacks that have kosher options. They are great for travel, but they serve well with lots of vitamin C and other nutrients and minerals good for the body. 

2. Trail Mix

best travel friendly snacks trail mix
What’s best when on a plane, in a car or hiking on a trail? Yes, trail mix. Source: TodaysNest

Those who like munching on multi-textured snacks must have Power Up trail mix in their bag. This delicious mix of nuts, fruits, and seeds offers a heart-healthy snack with a good amount of nutrients per serving—a perfect travel snack for those on a clean and gluten-free diet. 

3. Jerky

best travel friendly snacks jerky
Grab your jerky any time and anywhere. Source: Chickadvisor

One road trip snack you will love reaching from your packed bags is your favorite piece of jerky.

While you have many flavors to choose from this snack pack, nothing beats the good old beef jerky you can reach whenever you’re hungry on the road. Consuming this in the right amount is advisable as it is high in sodium. 

4. Pretzels

Best travel friendly snacks pretzels
Pretzels are one of the easiest snacks to munch on. Source; Amazon

Pretzels are one of the many childhood snacks we used to love back in the day. Maybe that’s why we keep bringing them on our travels. To have something to remind us of home and worry-free life.

Happy Belly pretzels give us the baked freshness of pretzels on the go, where you can grab a handful and reseal it for the next one. 

5. Rice Crisps

best travel friendly snacks rice krispies

Whenever you’ve got an early flight or need to hit the road at dawn, breakfast is hard to make and prepare. Rice Crisps are the classic cereal that is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals per serving.

This travel-ready breakfast option is excellent food you can bring on a plane or as snacks for road trips. 

6. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Bars

best travel friendly snacks van's
The best breakfast food on the go. Source: Amazon

PBJ may earn a whole lot of respect from many breakfast lovers, but travelers love the idea of PBJ in sandwich bars.

Van’s offers a healthy travel snack to those who love whole grains, oat, and oat flour for their go-to snacks on the road. It’s a snack packing a good sandwich you don’t have to make yourself. 

7. Kale Chips

best travel friendly snacks kale chips
Green snacks anywhere you are. Source: Glutenfreeeasily

Travel snacks are best when you can eat them on the go. With the superfood kale chips, you get to have travel and healthy snacks in one.

It’s a simple snack to satisfy your hunger or fill your time when waiting to arrive at your destination. This snack may earn your satisfaction with its nutrient-dense ingredients to help clear and give you a positive mind. 

8. Chewy Granola Bars, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate

best travel friendly snacks chewy granola bars
High in nutrients and high in chewiness. Source: Amazon

One of the best healthy travel snacks you can bring are those made with whole grains. These chewy and delicious granola bars are a good source of proteins to give your energy a boost when traveling.

It’s perfectly portable for your road trip as you can bring it anytime and eat it anywhere. What’s even better is that it is healthy and delicious with its semi-sweet dark chocolate mix. 

Insider Advice

These travel-friendly snacks are best to bring in a car or for long flights, international or domestic. The snacks pack a good taste and loads of nutrients to boost your energy and vibe for your trip.

Whether for long travels or short trip destinations, having a go-to snack will satisfy and help as you don’t have to stop and look for something to munch on. 

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