Burrata House Review

Burrata House pursues excellence through their quality Italian products. They use simple, fresh, and locally-sourced ingredients to create a unique dish to be savored with family and friends. 


People call Burrata the creamy kin of mozzarella. It is a blend of pure, sweet, and fresh cheese. Being one of the main ingredients of Burrata House, it gives a joyous sense of surprise to restaurant visitors. The feeling when stracciatella reveals itself when you cut open the Burrata is incomparable. 

How Are They Different

Burrata House offers different Italian dishes with an American touch to it. The restaurant welcomes anyone who wishes to taste pure joy in different flavors and forms.


Crudo Bowl

burrata house crudo bowl

The Burrata was the perfect texture to blend such a fresh-tasting bowl together! I didn’t even need dressing. Prosciutto also added a savory note to balance the organic greens + farro grains. Tomatoes were also incredibly delicious!⁣

BH-olognese Pasta

burrata house bh olognese

The house serves a massive portion of this pasta. I thought I was eating for two people. If you love a pasta dish, which is a tad salty, BH-olognese would be your pasta choice. The saltiness overpowers the Burrata a bit, but the overall taste is not bad. 

Bresaola Panini

burrata house panini

This panini is a personal favorite! It was honestly the first time I tried this Italian cured beef, and I would never see life the same way again. The generous amount of Burrata + balsamic glaze on toasted bread really make a dream team!⁣

Where to Find

The home for Burrata lovers is in California. Their Hollywood House is temporarily closed, but their LA House is definitely open arms to those craving for a fix. If you like to try a dish or come back for your favorite dish, head to 3272 Motor Ave A Unit A, Los Angeles, CA 90034, for a take out. They also do delivery/pick up through their website. Burrata also has grocery items you can shop for.

CoViD Safety Measures

Burrata House enforces a “Wear a Mask” policy to protect its staff and customers. Burrata menu is only for taking out due to the pandemic’s health risks and reducing exposure. They also provide sufficient space for a 6ft social distancing rule inside their house.

Snack Summary

Massive thanks to the @burratahouse team for the invite. Especially to the hardworking small staff hustling during a busy lunch hour. I will definitely be back, especially for one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had!⁣

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