Calajo Catering LA Baon Box Review

Calajo Catering LA is run by kitchen artists who joined talents to create a taste of Filipino culture in the West Coast. The Filipino fusion-inspired company aims to make gatherings memorable and wholesome as part of their culture.

Food is more than just the edible stuff you put in your mouth and swallow. If a painter paints pictures like how an architect designs a house close to perfection, chefs and food connoisseurs are the same.

Food is an art, and chefs are more than just “cooks.” They are passionate artists that have the pan and the oven as their canvas.

How Are They Different

The business offers a wide variety of snacks and food choices perfect for any type of gathering. Their menu has a touch of the simple Filipino culture.

The nativity of their snacks has the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance. Their art of mixing traditional Filipino delicacies into modern snacks and grubs brings freshness in the snack scene. 

Quantity/ Size

The six snacks in a box idea just make me fall in love with snacking even more. The fact that it gives you assorted snacks to try in one purchase makes you believe you really can have it all.

Baon Box Review

I loved how this baon box takes me into different dimensions. It makes me enjoy the same way I did when I was gobbling my favorite snack as a child. The box is a mix of different flavors your tastebuds will definitely appreciate. 

Calejo Catering Baon box
The Filipino term “Baon” translates to snacks.

Baon Box Features

  • Longanisa Milk Bun with homemade longanisa by Chef Carlo
  • Chicken Empanada⁣
  • Ube Rice Cereal Bar⁣
  • Ube Crinkle Cookie⁣
  • Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie⁣
  • Strawberry Cakesicle

Where To Find

Every Sunday, Calajo Catering has a pop-up shop where you can pick-up your pre-ordered snack in Manila District Los Angeles. They open from 11 AM until 4:30 PM; just visit 1801 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021. 

Calajo Catering LA Snack Summary

Calajo Catering bakes an amazing set of offerings that I had to order me some pandan cupcakes to eat alone. I was so giddy enjoying the treats with the most amazing buttercream topping.

calajo catering pandan cupcakes
Pandan cupcakes buttercreamed to perfection.

Definitely, one of the best Asian Go-To food spots in LA. Big thanks to Jennifer and Carlo for sharing their lovely story on how they brought Calajo Catering to life.

Much love to the @calajocateringla team for letting me try a fun range of products in the baon box. I will definitely drop by @maniladistrictla again to get my fix and support these amazing and talented food artists.

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