Childhood Snacks We Loved In The ‘90s

Did you ever compare the modern munchies to the famous childhood snacks you used to devour happily back in the day? We have to admit that the 90’s ruled the snack game. No one can forget the taste of those simple yet special snacks of the 90s and early 00s.

Those 90’s snacks were a big part of why our childhood was filled with fun and happy memories- and tummies, of course. Although some are off the market, few others are still available, with improved flavors and presentation.

To fuel your nostalgia, here is a list of some of the best childhood snacks. ’90s snacks really did please our tummies with creativity and good flavor. 

Childhood Snacks of the 90s

1. Dunkaroos

childhood snacks dunkaroos
Dunkin Dunkaroos into the frosting feels heavenly. Source: Callie

2012 was a sad year for Dunkaroos lovers as this well-loved snack was discontinued. Fortunately, the market brought them back this year. Dunkaroos were kangaroo-themed vanilla snacks paired with frosting for dunking.

They came individually packed and ready for your lunchbox. The simplicity of this snack’s concept made a big impact on people’s childhood. It’s safe to say that 90s kids are more than happy with the news of it being available this year. Yay! 

2. Lunchables

childhood snacks lunchables
The only lunch we want. Source: HealthyHungryHappy

Oh, man! These were what made school lunch even more exciting. Knowing your mom packed these lunch packs were the bomb back in the day. You get to go to school with one big smile on your face, excited to show off your lunch.

These were released late 1980’s and are still available three decades later. They’ve released varieties over the years. I still remember the combo everybody at school was crazy about. The unbeatable cold cuts, cheese, and crackers. Yum!

3. Oreo O’s

childhood snacks oreo o's
WOW-reos O’s. Source: theimpulsivebuy

This was a serious O-M-G.b Its first run was back in 1997 until 2007, but thankfully, it was reproduced again back in 2017. Although you can’t basically “twist, lick and dunk” this cereal, you still get to enjoy it just the same. This crispy cereal can be one delicious way to start or end the day- your choice. They’re delicious- that’s what matters. 

4. Shark Bites

childhood snacks shark bites
Chewy Shark Bites Source: Jess Watsky

Although they are still available today, the 90s version was unparalleled. They don’t look or taste like the old fruit snacks we used to love, but they do sure make us nostalgic. Inside this 90s fruit snack, there were different shark-shaped pieces.

Who could forget the mysterious white sharks? Or the special edition ferocious tiger sharks and tooth-shaped pieces? It may not be the same, but knowing that it’s still around will get you nostalgic. 

5. Fruit Gushers

childhood snacks fruit gushers
Gushing about Fruit Gushers. Source: theimpulsivebuy

Fruit snacks were the bomb back in the day. This fruit-flavored snack was as memorable as our childhood. These jewel-shaped gummy snack candies had thick, fruit-tasting liquid gushing out of it upon biting.

If you would like to bite down on one of these, they’re still around to enjoy while reminiscing about your childhood.

6. Bagel Bites

childhood snacks bagel bites
Pizza and bagel in one. Source: Adam Kuban

Imagine this: you’re ten, and you wanted bagels and pizza. Boom! They made bagel bites. Who could forget their jingle (I bet you’re singing it right now), “When pizza’s on a bagel, you can eat pizza any time.”

What made it even cooler back then was that they made Tony Hawk do their commercials. We used to love it then, and we still love it now. You can still eat these delicious bites anytime, anywhere, and it hits just the same.

7. Pop-tarts

childhood snacks pop tarts
Pop tarts poppin’ in the toaster. Source: Chuck Andersen

Do you still remember that one time you practically begged your mom to give you toast for breakfast? By toast, we mean the toast and jam that came with frosting on top.

I think we can all agree that pop-tarts made our breakfast poppin’ good! Thankfully, they continue to make the kids’ (and adults, of course) breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner time pop-tarty awesome. 

8. Fruit Roll-Ups

childhood snacks fruit roll ups
We like fruit roll-ups! Source: theimpulsivebuy

Who didn’t want the fun to be rolled in their snack? This tasty and fun sweet snack was popular in the 90s. Decades later, they still make snack time a good time like no other.

Although they came under fire for some advertising issues back in 2011 as some misguided mothers thought the product was a nutritious, healthful, fruit-filled snack. We can’t deny, though, that the taste is one we really like.

9. Fruit by the Foot

childhood snacks fruit by the foot
Three feet of fun! Source: Robyn Lee

You can’t deny that you loved pretending you had one really long tongue (or sometimes, two long tongues) with this snack. This was sometimes mistaken as the fruit roll-ups, but they differ in taste and concept of consumption.

I remember this “3 feet of fun” used to come with stickers and puzzles on the rolled paper. So the fun continues even after you’ve eaten your snack. Luckily, Fruit by the foot is still available today, so we can always have feet and feet of fun!

10. Rice Krispies Treats

childhood snacks rice krispies
Better mronings with Rice Krispies. Source: Like_the_Grand_Canyon

In Kellogs’ attempt to brighten our morning, they gave us rice Krispies treats. They are convenient, delicious, and nutritious. Plus, you can consume these rice crispies anywhere at any time because they come in individually packed packages perfect as snacks on-the-go. 

11. Peanut Butter Crisps

childhood snacks P.B. Crisps
Bring back P.B. Crisps! Source: PB Crisps.

If there were a snack that was good while it lasted, it would be the P.B. Crisps. This delectable crispy graham cracker was shaped like a peanut shell and filled with sweet peanut butter cream.

Sadly, they are off the market today, but P.B. lovers want them back. They even have a website dedicated as to why they think P.B. Crisps should be reproduced.

12. Hershey’s S’ mores Bar

childhood snacks S'mores
More S’mores please. Source: Nostalgia

These chocolate bars allowed us to enjoy a campfire snack all year-round. This graham cracker with marshmallow toppings and chocolate coating was sadly discontinued nearly a decade after its debut. But still, we love the nostalgia and memories it brings.

13. Butterfinger B.B.’s 

childhood snacks Butterfinger BB
Ball Form Peanut Butter. Source: Kyler Rupe

A crunchy, flaky peanut butter chocolate, Butterfinger was on a roll with this one. In its ball form, they easily became delectable munchies of the 90s. Sadly they were off the shelves in 2006. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What 90s food is still available to buy?

A: We like the fact that most of our favorite childhood snacks are still on the shelves today. Some are hard to find like rare pokemon, but with a little extra effort, our Pokeball can catch one or all of them. The first ten snacks on this list are still available today.

Q: What are the 90s products that are gone?

A: Let us remain silent for the fallen munchies we love. They may be gone, but we will definitely remember them. The P.B. Crisps and the two chocolate products on this list have sadly left the shelves. The Butterfinger B.B.’s and Hershey’s S’ mores Bar chocolates have been discontinued, but we do hope they make a comeback sometime in the future.

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