chYum Foods Salted Egg Fish Chips Review

My one big question is: Have you tried salted egg snacks yet? Better yet, have you tried Chyum Foods Salted Egg Fish Chips? This Vietnamese snack is an addition to the series of Asian snacks that bring a new taste to the West Coast.

How Are They Different

Of all the series of chips I have tried, this is one of the few from Vietnam. I love how they have their own rendition of this fun snack. The stronger curry flavor definitely differentiates these from other fish skin snacks I have tried. 

salted egg fish chips opened

Nutrition Stuff

ChYum Foods coats their crispy fish skin chips in a special seasoning blend to create a unique flavor. This keto-friendly snack is filled with 26g of protein per bag.

It’s an excellent choice for those craving for fish skins, but on a diet. This premium product is low on carbs and contains no MSG or artificial colors.


The emphasis on the yummy curry flavor makes the salted egg taste less overpowering. You still get a good sense of salted egg without feeling like it’s too strong. This is the perfect snack to introduce the salted egg flavor!⁣ 


This fish skin is perfectly crispy with just the right amount of airy and substance leaving you satisfied. The texture complements the taste in such a balanced and unique way.

salted egg fish chips texture

Where to Find

Oh, how far snacks have come! When I first started Snacks With Kat, salted egg snacks were really only attainable in Asia or Amazon. I love seeing the marketplace progression that has come about in response to the public interest.⁣

ChYum Foods have retail stores in many locations in the US. You may also choose to buy their fish skin chips online

Snack Summary

I love the new touch of flavor in this rendition of fish skin chips. It definitely hits differently than other fish skin chips. I can’t emphasize enough how I love how the curry flavor tones down the salted egg’s taste.

Perfectly balanced taste and a perfect snack when you feel like having an off day to relax. Thank you to @chyumfoods for allowing me to sample these delicious fish skin chips! 

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