Dang Coconut Chips Review


Sorry I had to. These “chips” were just that good. Just enough crunch. Just enough sweetness. And plenty of satisfaction.

What are coconut chips?

Front of Dang Coconut Chips Bag

They pretty much look exactly as they do on the bag, but as you can see – they are not your average potato chip. Simply put: these are toasted coconut slices sprinkled with salt and sugar. 


These come in three different sizes for your snacking convenience: single-serve (0.7 oz), snack-size (1.43 oz), and family size (3.17 oz). The bag was about half full which put a little damper in my snack sesh, but I don’t think the snack or family size is meant to finish in one sitting if it were just me. I wasn’t able to finish the bag despite it missing a large quantity.


LIKE FRESH COCONUT GOODNESS! And a dash of sugar mmhmm. If you love coconut flavors and scents this will smell like home.


Texture of coconut chips

Thin and crunchy (the kind that doesn’t hurt your teeth). Perfect texture if you wanna top off your oatmeal, yogurt, and any other soft based treat. Doesn’t leave any residue on your fingers so it’s a very wholesome, clean, delightful snack to munch on (alone or paired).


It’s not a savory snack but has just the right amount of sugar that satisfies your sweet tooth. The coconut flavor tastes natural with a lovely toasted component unlike those white, dried types of coconut strips. Overall it has a very pleasant, light flavor that doesn’t overwhelm your palate with coconut or sugar.    

Nutrition Facts for coconut chips


Dang Foods has gotten pretty creative with their products. I need to get on it and try a lot more because both of my tasting experiences have been great! So far I have tried their Savory Seaweed Sticky Rice Chips and Original Recipe Coconut Chips.

You can visit their website for full details of all their products. It’s fun, colorful, and easy to navigate. They even have a blog that offers really interesting insight into their company and family in addition to tasty recipes. For now, here is a brief overview:

  1. Dang Bars (plant-based keto bar): 6 varieties of flavors (chocolate sea salt, almond vanilla, lemon matcha, cardamom chai, toasted coconut, cinnamon chocolate. There’s even a monthly subscription plan that saves you 10% by the box.
  2. Coconut Chips: 4 flavors using Thai coconuts (original, lightly salted, salted caramel, chocolate sea salt)
  3. Sticky Rice Chips: Made with Thai crunchy rice grains (original, sriracha, coconut crunch, savory seaweed, aged cheddar). The texture isn’t too hard and the seaweed flavor was the perfect hint of umami!

Where to Find 

Their website has a handy, dandy store locator feature. I found these in the sale section of my local Ralph’s Market. It was pretty surprising as they weren’t even close to being expired! $2 vs $5 which is a pretty significant discount. SCORE!       

Dang brand information

Snack Suggestions

1) Check out the sale section of your local grocery store: I found these for $1.99 (far from being expired) compared to the usual $4.99 price.

2) Top off your favorite greek yogurt or ice-cream with these coconut chips for an added crunch! Maybe even mix and match with the other flavors!

Snack Summary 

  • Definitely try these when you’re in the mood for a sweet snack that is still light
  • Pair these with your favorite breakfast parfait or ice-cream sundae to make your snacking experience extra fun!
  • Scour the sale section of your grocery store to find these for a fraction of the original price

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