Ellenos Greek Yogurt Review

Greek yogurt is a delicious and versatile way to indulge in a healthy snack. Ellenos Greek Yogurt offers freshness in a tasty cup. Savor the yogurt taste and enhance its flavor with your favorite fruit that does not taste too sweet and unnatural. 

Ellenos Yogurt Company

Things happen for a reason, which could be one of the best fresh-tasting Greek yogurts in the area. Dad and son tandem, Con and Alex used to make traditional Greek yogurt back in Australia when Yvonne, a flight attendant, dropped in for a taste.

She loved what she tasted and flew back home and told her husband, Bob, how amazing the yogurt was. Nearly ten years later, Con and Alex moved to Seattle and teamed up with Yvonne and Bob.

Now, we have Ellenos Yogurt company. They combined the traditional recipe for Greek yogurt and incorporated the local ingredients and Pacific Northwest flavors to make a delicious and healthy snack. 


The greek yogurt has 15-17g protein per serving. If you’re searching for a lower sugar option, Ellenos offers a plain natural flavor, which still tastes great.⁣


The perfect amount of viscosity! I find this yogurt not too thick or too runny when mixed with the fruit toppings. It’s just right and perfect for an addicting texture that complements its taste. 

ellenos greek yogurt review
Sleek greek yogurt will make you weak. Source: Alison Klein/ Seattlemet

Greek Yogurt Flavors

I like how the yogurt itself isn’t super tart like some Greek yogurts (i.e., the ones you can use as a sour cream substitute).⁣

Mango: I usually stay away from mango flavors because it’s not often done right, but this purée actually tasted like the fruit!

Passionfruit: I ate passionfruit yogurt daily in Vietnam, and this was the first one that tasted remotely like it. I’m not biased, but this one just takes my emotions a notch higher. It’s easily my favorite among the flavors I’ve tried. 

Marionberry: Tastes similar to blueberries but less tart. If you feel like going out of your comfort zone, this is a good start. You get to enjoy trying a new fruit. 

Lemon Curd: Pretty mild lemon flavor that didn’t overpower my granola. Just the right blend. 

Where to Find

While this freshness in a cup is spread out in many places, you can find out which stores you’re nearest from through their website store locator. You can purchase Ellenos products through their website for a curbside pick-up. 

Ellenos Snack Review

Freshness in a cup! I usually eat plain Greek yogurt with my own added toppings because I’ve found most fruit toppings taste too sweet and unnatural.

By far, these are my favorite fruit ones as I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh they tasted. ⁣Definitely recommend this tasty yet healthy snack.

Thank you to the kind  @ellenosyogurt  team for the contact-free hand delivery. 

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