Enlightened Marshmallow Treats – High Protein Rice Crispy Treats

Have you seen a prettier, more delicious looking protein bar?!

Thank you Cloud 10 Snacks for providing samples of all 4 flavors of the previously named Enlightened Marshmallow Treats. These were a big hit among my coworkers as well! I prefer to stick with protein “bars” that don’t taste like the typical chewy ones, and these made it extra fun in rice crispy treat form!

Think rice crispy treats for adults…not that I need an excuse to eat rice crispy treats.

Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats open

Cloud 10 Snacks

These high protein rice crispy marshmallow bars (previously called Enlightened Marshmallow Treats) were recently relaunched by the Beyond Better Foods LLC team who also runs Enlightened Ice Cream (low calorie, high protein ice-cream) and Bada Bean Snacks (also recently rebranded).

Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats piled

Rice Crispy Treat Nutrition Facts

Important numbers to note:

  • 15g of protein
  • 43g of carbohydrates
  • 15g of sugar
  • 7g of fat
  • A total of 300 calories

The bottom line: you’re gonna be full and energized after just one.


These are definitely softer and less chewy than your normal rice crispy treat. I feel like there was less emphasis on the marshmallow, so you weren’t struggling to bite into it or pull it apart. It was almost like the consistency of a slightly melted rice crispy treat.⁣⁣

The bars were less dense than the average Starbucks rice crispy treat, Pepero sticks, or classic store-bought Rice Krispies treats brand.


Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats original
Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats chocolate coconut

They definitely steer on the sweet side without the protein powder taste. If you have the chance to try them all you can decide for yourself which flavor fits your taste buds best!

  • Birthday Cake was my favorite and had a slight hint of vanilla to elevate the sweetness.
  • Original was like a mellow Birthday Cake especially not having sprinkles to add a lil sumthin sumthin. It was a no frills flavor and although sweet – not as sweet as the original Rice Krispies brand we enjoyed as kids.⁣⁣
  • ⁣⁣Double Chocolate (with chocolate chips) was my second favorite with the cocoa flavor reminding me of coco puffs. Not overly chocolate-ly with the hint of vanilla still apparent.
  • Chocolate Coconut wasn’t for me but my coworker loved it. I’m not a fan of coconuts flakes in my snacks although I don’t mind the coconut flavor. This was loaded with flakes and for me they overpowered the product both in taste and texture. ⁣⁣
Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats double chocolate
Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats birthday cake

Where to Find

You can find these protein marshmallow protein snacks at a few places including:

Cloud10 Marshmallow Treats stacked

Snack Summary

All in all if you want a fun yet filling protein bar alternative and aren’t too concerned about the sugar count I’d recommend these (especially Birthday Cake)!⁣⁣

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