Fika Fika Coffee Review

A delightful snack without coffee or tea is not as satisfying. Fika Fika Coffee offers both in a gorgeous set up where you can sit, laugh, and talk with your friends. All while still keeping the safety measures against Covid. 

Fika Fika Coffee Company

Fika Fika serves those who believe in the magic of coffee and good food. They know that serving those two in a place where the ambiance is relaxing will be a breath of fresh and lovely air to the customers.

Amidst the pandemic, Fika Fika reminds us that coffee and good food can make us feel better and keep the positivity in check. 

Safety Measures

  • For takeout or outdoor dining only
  • Imposes a no mask no entry for employees and customers indoors
  • Sufficient space between tables

Fika Fika Coffee Review


Fika Fika Coffee Space
A space worth to relax and enjoy. Source: Picuki

The place radiates positivity with its way too gorgeous aesthetics. A perfectly safe place for a small get together like how we enjoyed my best friend’s virtual baby shower as they provide really good internet outdoors.

Items I’ve Tried

Fika Fika Coffee Food
Good food and good drinks. Source: Catalina Builders

Dirty Milk” aka Brown Sugar Boba: The taste is super similar to The Alley but much better value!⁣

Strawberry Green Tea: Tea lovers will love it as it is blended with a strong tea flavor⁣

Smoked Salmon Toast: I personally enjoyed every last bite, and it’s a delicious way to get my greens in ⁣

Chocolate Rosemary Affogato: super unique ice-cream options with a bold coffee flavor. I loved the addition of the cone!⁣

Where to Find

You can visit Fika Fika in Arcadia or follow them on @fikafikacoffee for your daily dose of mouthwatering pictures and updates. 

Fika Fika Coffee Snack Summary

First, thank you, Fika Fika, for providing a safe space to enjoy my best friend’s virtual baby shower!

Finding an outdoor space with the internet, delicious food, & fun drinks (not to mention gorgeous aesthetics) isn’t easy nowadays.

But @fikafikacoffee is the perfect spot!⁣ Their strong wifi was a plus, so I can’t recommend this space enough and really liked how the drinks were adjustable for sugar content! ⁣

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