General Tso’s Chicken Ripple-Cut Kettle Chips Review

It is common to most snackers out there that Asian snacks always try to bring new and usually eccentric must-try snacks to the market. The General Tso’s Chicken ripple-cut kettle chips by Private Selection offer this peculiarity.

This snack is definitely worth introducing to your palate at least once. Private Selection is one of the brands that Kroger carries. They offer variations for your next-level cravings, with lesser fuss.

They intend to meet the snack cravings in your kitchen, your bento box, and even your microwave. Private Selection encourages you to challenge your palate. Take its limit a notch higher with one bite, sip, or dip. 

general tso

Nutrition Stuff

If you are a conscious eater, best to limit your intake of this snack. It contains wheat and its derivatives. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, this snack is probably not the one for you as it has other gluten-containing grain and gluten-containing grain products.

It also contains soybean and its derivatives, corn and its derivatives.

Size/ Quantity

This snack has 226 grams of umami chips in a bag. You can most definitely ask a friend or two to try it with you. This way, you get to tease your palate with the unexpected flavor and experience it with your friends. 


The hint of the scent as soon as you open up the bag immediately fills up the air as it is strong and compelling. It may be intimidating to some snackers, but if you’re up for the challenge, these chips are definitely worth a try. 


The first impression of the taste of General Tso’s Chicken Ripple-Cut Kettle Chips is that it is really strong. The kind of strong that may intimidate some people.

However, there is a particular hoisin sauce taste that grows on you as you eat it. Maybe about ten chips in to get used to it, but amazingly, you’ll find yourself reaching for more without even realizing it.

With these chips, they don’t resemble General Tso’s Chicken as it said on the packaging, but they do have their own individual unique taste.

Where To Find

These unique and unexpected chips are available in @ralphsgrocery and the Kroger website. Private Selection also features other products that will make your senses indulge.

Snack Summary

General Tso’s Chicken ripple-cut kettle chips by Private Selection is a snack worth trying at least once in your life. It challenges your palate in a good way that the umami taste will try to grow on you as you eat it.

Who knows, maybe sometime you will get an unexpected craving for it. Over-all, I would rate this Asian-inspired snack a good 3 out of 5, worthy enough for you to try and explore. Plus, the bag package just feels satisfying as well. 


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