Gindaco Takoyaki Review

California now serves the world-famous Gindaco takoyaki. If you are well-aware of Asia’s traveling scene, you would be familiar with the variations of Asian food choices.

One of Japan’s popular must-try street foods is the takoyaki. The round dough ball with octopus fillings fried to perfection makes snacking interesting and delicious.

How Are They Different

Takoyaki represents Gindaco with its standard ball of goodness. These fried dough balls with octopus pieces filling satiate like no other.

The crispy skin, trolley insides, and crispy octopus make for a mouthwatering snack. Served with delicious toppings, your craving for takoyaki will be harder to resist.

Size/ Quantity

One order of takoyaki comes with eight balls of crispy fried dough evenly cooked to perfection. The scrumptious octopus filling will make you feel like a kid with a pack of smarties. You can even explore different toppings you can try.

Gindaco Takoyaki Flavors


The standard takoyaki topped with tangy takoyaki sauce, seaweed, and bonito flakes. It has a crispy crunch when you take a bite of it or gobble it whole and with a good amount of octopus. 


 Yuzu ponzu dipping sauce zests up the scallion flavor with green onion toppings. It is a personal pick because of the citrus hint from the yuzu. 

Cheese & Mentaiko

Cheese lovers pine over this flavor with its cheesy goodness. Topped with mayo, parmesan, and mozzarella cheese, and parsley flakes, this flavor tastes rich and flavorful.

Spicy Scallion + Sriracha

This spiced up takoyaki is perfect for spicy lovers. It comes with takoyaki glaze, scallion, green onion, mayo, and sriracha. The combo makes snacking hot and heavy with delicious goodness.

CoViD Safety

The store implements a strict “mask on” policy to protect customers and staff alike. They enforce and encourage customers to observe proper social distancing of 6 feet away. They only cater to takeout services to craving customers.

Where To Find

Japan’s largest chain now serves Californians with their delicious and world-famous takoyaki.

You can visit Mar Vista, Gardena, and Torrance to get your takoyaki fix and most probably come back for more. They are also active in their Instagram account with more snack choices. 

Snack Summary

Thank you to the @gindaco_usa team for the kind invite. Also, for the fresh box of takoyaki. I loved the crispiness of the dough. And the amount of octopus made me feel like I hit the jackpot.

Takoyaki is one of my all-time picks when it comes to Japanese street foods. These brought back many happy memories from my time in Tokyo and Osaka. I’m so glad to have this gem within walking distance.

It is definitely a must-try for those who want a savory snack. This definitely brings the taste of Japan to the West Coast. 

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