Golden Duck Snackbox Medley Review

Do you know what your current Netflix streams are missing? The Golden Duck snackbox medley- a whole box of Asia’s best gourmet snacks.

Singapore is another one of the countries to produce flavorful and delicious Asian snack choices. Golden Duck is a Singapore-based company that offers different snack choices.

Their snacking game is real- as in they use real ingredients for real flavor. 

Nutrition Stuff

The five individually packed flavors in the Snackbox are all Halal Certified by MUIS. Although this snack is delicious and perfect when watching films, not everyone may be able to enjoy it.

The products in this snackbox medley all contain fish, egg, soy, and milk. You can find traces of crustacean and gluten in these chips.

For those with allergies to the mentioned ingredients, we advise against snacking these products. You can try gluten-free snacks or those with no products you are allergic with.

Remember that health must always come first when snacking. 

How Are They Different

Golden Duck offers different selections of snacks. Conveniently, they have this snackbox medley that offers all flavors in one package. Although if you have a personal favorite, they also have a box that packs only one flavor of your choice.

They put in real and fresh ingredients to produce real flavors with all their snacks, which adds value.


One snack box has five individually packed chips that weigh ranging from 108g to 125g. It comes with five interesting flavors to introduce to your palate. 

Golden Duck Snackbox Medley Flavors

Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps

The salted egg flavor is so rich that it balances with the fried fish skins’ crisp and smokiness. The coconut undertone flavor is slightly more noticeable than most other fish skins. ⁣There’s also a hint of spice in it. 

Salted Egg Yolk Potato Ridges

These potato ridges have a rhythmic rise and fall that is rich in taste and ingredients. The real salted egg yolks, cured to golden sunset perfection, provide this chip flavor’s graininess.

It has a softer texture and the strongest egg flavor among the five snacks. You can consider it a vegetarian-friendly snack, only with egg as part of the fresh ingredients. 

Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Mix

Snack recommendation to those “spice and everything nice” kind of people. Golden Duck heats up your snacking experience with this spicy, numbing, and fragrant crisps. The mushroom trio sneaks up on the spiciness of these chips to give your tongue time to relax and process the flavor.

It’s my personal fave as I love the mixed taste and texture of crispy fish skins, mushrooms, and bean curd. It’s the spiciest of the bunch, with the cumin flavor standing out. 

Salted Egg Crab Seaweed Tempura

Do you want to be somewhere on a beach, enjoying a coconut? This snack flavor takes you to a journey in a flavorful sea.

This flavor has a pleasing balance of coconut and crab or seafood. Your tongue will swim in the umami flavor of crab, seaweed, and salted egg.

Singaporean Chili Crab Seaweed Tempura

If you want to enjoy a flavor that takes your vibe to the ocean, this snack flavor is for you. There’s a hint of spice and crab/seafood flavor⁣ when you take a bite through the crisp coating.

Every crunch is an exploding taste of the balance between crab meat, chili, and roasted seaweed- sweet, salty, and mildly spicy. 

Where To Find

This Singapore brand intends to bring a real snacking experience to everyone in the world. They craft their snacks in Singapore and ships them worldwide. You can place orders through their Golden Duck website.

Golden Duck Snack Summary

This snackbox medley definitely takes my craving to different places. With the perfect balance of different tastes, Golden Duck surprises your palate and your tongue.

I personally loved the Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Mix, but the rest are just as good. Thank you to the Golden Duck Co team for collaborating with me and for giving me one of the best snacking experience. 

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