Hakubaku Fresh Ramen Noodles Review⁣

Japan is one of the many Asian countries that influence the food industry. People all over the world continuously praise the taste of Japanese dishes and snacks, especially with Hakubaku Fresh Ramen Noodles.

Hakubaku defines themselves as “The Kokumotsu Company.” Kokumotsu is the Japanese term for “grain,” which is the company’s special product. Hakubako provides innovative products of grains and processing technology. 

The company’s name, Hakubaku, comes from the Japanese term “White Barley.” Its mission is to offer customers an enjoyable and nutrient-rich “Barley” like the staple Japanese food, the white rice. 

Nutrition Stuff

Hakubaku does not put additives, such as MSG or other preservatives, on their fresh ramen kits. They create their ramen products with the best and well-blended ingredients.

Its shelf life is stable, and they are individually packed for convenience. The preservative-free noodles have rich soup stock with the traditional Japanese flavor. 

Quantity/ Serving

These fresh ramen noodles come in a 110g pack you can enjoy. No MSG or other preservatives; this gives you a delicious serving of ramen noodles.

Preparation includes cooking the noodles for 2 mins if you want a firm texture and add 30 more seconds if you want a soft texture. 


  • Umami Shoyu⁣ – the flavor of this ramen enhances the ramen experience with any topping combo. Mix in Chashu pork, soy sauce, egg, and veggies for a traditional touch
  • Umami Chicken Shio⁣ – the long history of Shio in ramen tradition is known to have a light flavor amongst other kinds
  • Umami Miso⁣ – the light flavor makes for a great base that leans in a more vegetarian ramen option.


The noodles are what make these kits stand out from others. Noticeably soft and bouncy, providing a fresh take on packaged ramen. You can prepare your noodles how you want it, firm or soft, which makes it more flexible than most.

Plus, the ramen’s overall texture in a pack is something that you don’t expect from a packed noodle. 

Where to Find

Hakubaku aims to help establish a healthier society. They are passionate about giving a healthy, rich, and varied Japanese diet to the Americans. Their US location is at 575 Anton Blvd. #300, Costa Mesa CA 92626 USA, but their products are also available on amazon. 

Hakubaku Snack Summary

Thank you to the @hakubakuus team for letting me sample these. If you’re torn between a ramen bowl or ramen burger, Hakubaku serves as the best of both worlds.

With these easy ramen kits, you can have both! What makes them unique are the fresh, soft noodles from Japan that don’t need refrigeration!⁣

I didn’t use most of the seasoning for each packet, as I prefer things on the lower sodium side. Although their products are MSG-free, adding the whole packet would make the taste too strong for me. I simply added less than 1/4 of seasoning while cooking up my protein.

This was enough flavor for me. I also added @madam_chilli_sydney’s chili flakes for an added kick! I recommend it highly, and I would love to try these again and their other products as well. 

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