Hodalla Cafe Review

hodalla cafe
Hodalla Cafe has a variety of Taiwanese food choices you can enjoy. Source: Hodalla

Do you also have nights where you have an unexplainable craving for Taiwanese food that you just have to fill? You’re not alone.

Thank goodness for Hodalla Cafe; we don’t have to suppress our need for good food.         

Hodalla Cafe Company

Taiwanese dishes have been well-loved by most as they are convenient and delicious. Hodalla Cafe is a Chinese restaurant that offers a modern twist to classic Chinese dishes using high-quality ingredients. 

What I’ve Tried

While this Taiwanese cuisine offers a wide variety of food choices on their menu, here are a few I’ve tried, and I definitely recommend you try.     

Takoyaki: I loved the unique sauces and the crispy proportion of batter: seafood ratio! Plus, it has a perfect snack portion with six pieces to an order.⁣⁣         ⁣⁣⁣                                 

Popcorn Chicken: A MUST TRY! It comes in various seasonings on the spicy side, so request one level down if you’re a lightweight like me. Incredibly crispy and tender       

Mapo Tofu: we came for a snack but couldn’t resist trying this as Howard was raving about it. Amazing portion size and loved how light yet flavorful the tofu was cooked! It definitely held over well the next day, too, when I brought it to the hospital for lunch #nofoodwasted⁣⁣

Where to Find

Hodalla does not do delivery, but you can order online for pickup or takeout. They have their restaurant at 13913 Harbor Blvd Garden Grove, Ca, where you can visit and make your orders.                                                             

Hodalla Cafe Summary                         

@hodallacafe⁣⁣ is definitely worth the drive from LA, and thanks again, Howard, for your kind hospitality. I can’t wait to visit Hodalla again and try more or their mouthwatering menu!⁣⁣                                                                       

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