Indulge LA Review: Make the Holiday Extra Special

The holiday season is coming, and if you’re thinking about gifts already, here’s a heart-melting gift idea to surprise your loved ones with. Indulge LA gives its own twist to “heartbreaks,” only their idea won’t make you cry with sadness, but with joy and sweet satisfaction. 

Indulge LA Company

The golden gift ideas coming out of Indulge LA come from the brilliant minds of women who have a passion for preparing presents for gift-giving occasions.

Through their products, they wish to sweetly remind us that no hearts deserve to be broken. Well, except for their breakable chocolate hearts that are too satisfying and tasty. 

Featured Chocolates

Indulge, LA has many designs available on their website. You can choose and have a customized message written for your loved ones.

Each box of their lovely sweet chocolates come with edible 24 karat gold leaf decorated and painted filled hearts. They bring heaven on earth through sweet taste. Among their many products, here’s what I’ve tried and loved. 

Small Heart

indulge la small heart
A golden bite for a small heart. Source: Indulge LA

I find this a very grand gesture of love in a smaller heart as it is amazingly filled with sweetness. The chocolate hazelnut crunch filling is beyond amazing, and every Nutella lover will enjoy it!⁣⁣

Breakable Heart of Gold

indulge la breakable heart of gold
Smash the heart for sweetness. Source: Indulge LA

This makes heartbreaking feel satisfying and fulfilling. The Breakable Heart of Gold is such a fun way to present a customizable message, filling, or gift. Plus, it has a delicious white chocolate flavor that isn’t too sweet. 

Where to Find

Indulge LA is one of the best ways to expand and show your love this holiday season.

You can shop for some hand-painted chocolates and write up a lovely little message for yourself or someone else through their website.

You can send them your message or inquiries through email as they cater to them seven days a week between 7 am-5 pm PST. 

Indulge LA Summary

Thank you, Elena, for kindly providing such a beautiful birthday treat for my hubby! She has a heart of gold working in healthcare and makes these gorgeous creations for hospital healthcare workers.

⁣⁣From using real 24kt gold to the fine details, you can tell she pours her heart and soul into each piece.

Check out’s website and support this fantastic woman-owned business! I am more than excited to gift one of their golden products to my friend. 

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