Laiki Red Rice Crackers⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣: Only 3 Ingredients!

Laiki Rice Crackers & Messy Monkeys Review

The posted video above highlights two healthy snack alternatives, but this review will focus on Laiki Red Rice Crackers. Full review on Messy Monkeys coming soon!

Especially living in California, I’m discovering more companies that offer healthier alternatives to what I enjoyed eating as a kid. I like that there are more ranges of flavors, ingredients, and textures that are pushing the limit of what healthy snacks used to be.

It’s been fun trying out all sorts of chip options while enjoying my guilty pleasures every once in a while. All about balance right? 😉

Notable points on this bag:

  • Made from Thai sustainably sourced palm oil
  • Whole grain red rice (they also offer a black rice variety)
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan

How is Red Rice Texture?

I really love the crunch and consistency of the rice. It’s almost like there’s more than one layer without being too thick (reminds me of Triscuits but not as dry).

These are also fun-sized, so you can easily pop a few in your mouth! They’re slightly larger than Chex Mix squares but still small enough to munch on a few at a time. ⁣⁣

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What does Red Rice Taste Like?

Laiki Red Rice Crackers are simply seasoned with three ingredients, but the hint of salt is just the right amount. I love that you can find recipe ideas on their Instagram so definitely check them out to get creative with this snack!⁣⁣

Laiki crackers
Laiki Crackers

Laiki Red Rice Crackers Snack Summary

I found myself buying these on more than one occasion already because they’re that yummy! Find them at World Market, Amazon, or use their store locator!

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