Little House Confections Review

Every breakdown is a breakthrough, and this will lead to everything excellent.

Stuck at home this pandemic? A lot of people have found love and passion for making snacks and baked goods to uplift spirits and minds.

Take it from the maker of Little House Confections (LHC). 

Little House Confections Company

Born amidst the pandemic of Covid 19, Little House Confections has grown bigger and better since.

What once started as a campaign to help raise awareness for the Covenant House of California. They offer a wild variety of tasty sugary pastries and cakes, perfect for devouring with or without occasion.

What sets them apart is they share and support a local charity and make it a cornerstone of their company. 

What I’ve Tried

little house confections
LHC takes the house by storm. Source: LHC Facebook

LHC offers various cake and pastry flavors, and these confections are perfect for the holidays.

While I’m too excited to give all the other flavors a taste, Olive oil cake is one flavor I can assure you I’ve tried and loved. 

Olive Oil Cake

What It’s Made Of

True to its name, this cake is from extra virgin olive oil. This rises on regular or GF flour, fresh-squeezed oranges and its zest, vanilla, sugar, eggs, baking powder, and soda. The last addition that ensures this cake will be filling is it is made with love. 

Nutrition Stuff

People with allergies get to enjoy this Olive Oil Cake as it has no dairy, no nuts, and has a GF option for those with wheat allergies. 


If you like your cake moist, buttery, mildly sweet, addicting, & with a hint of lemon: you’re going to need to order the large size. If not, you will still love this cake in its regular size as it is filling and delicious in most ways. 

Where To Find

Little House Confections is located at 8022 W 3rd St.Los Angeles, CA 90048, where walk-ins are first come, first serve.

You can also visit the LHC X Platform across Blue Bottle Coffee at 8840 Washington Blvd. #110 Culver City, California 90232.

Check out the LHC menu on the LHC website to drool on what you want to order before visiting their pop-ups. 

Little House Confections Snack Summary    

@littlehouseconfections definitely brings big smiles to our faces as it fills our happy tummies with delicious and new flavors this holiday.

The hype is real, and I’m ready to try all their other flavors as the Olive Oil Cake did not disappoint. At all.         


LA/OC Foodie

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