Madam Chili Snacks Review

The travel scene knows Thailand for its exotic and challenging snacks and food choices. Fearless and adventurous snackers love to try different Asian snacks because of their variety and flavor. If you were to choose your battle, would you try Thai-manufactured Madam chili snacks

How Are They Different

This chili snack has the right kick that doesn’t send you off flying to look for some milk or water to soothe your tongue. You can enjoy these chilis as a stand-alone snack or on top of your ramen or any dish you like to spice up. 

Madam Chili Flavor

The spice level is too perfect for a lightweight. The more you consume this snack, the more it grows on you. The spice is just right and blends well with the savory taste of this snack. 


The first crunch, as you take your first taste, will send you off to another dimension. Its light and dried texture are too addicting to stop consuming. Plus, I love that it’s not too oily as it’s eliminated during the final cooking steps.⁣

madam chili snacks
Sydney based Thai snacks. Source: Madam Chili Facebook

Where to Find Madam Chili

Madam Chili is an Australia-based company that sells Thai- manufactured products among all the other products they offer. They offer international deliveries with some restrictions to certain countries.

You can try this snack by ordering on their Madam Chili website online or visit them in 11 /8 Wolger Road Mosman NSW 2088 ABN 61130726652.

Madam Chili Snack Summary

⁣Thank you so much to Melissa for graciously sending these all the way from Sydney, Australia! I so admire your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity with your products.

Check out @madam_chilli_sydney for all your chili needs! I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to tolerate the spice, but these dried chilis are surprisingly addicting, and I enjoyed them even more as a ramen topping.

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