Messy Monkeys Baked Snacks Review

Messy Monkeys Snack Review

A Snack for Kids + Adults Who Are Kids At Heart

I don’t have kids, but these Messy Monkeys Baked snacks are some I imagine I’d intend to buy for them…only to end up eating it all myself 🙈 The packaging immediately caught my eye with the happy, bright colors and individual-sized bags. Then I saw “sorghum” as an ingredient and was intrigued never trying anything with it before.

What is Sorghum?⁣

A brief google search highlighted sorghum as a gluten-free grain alternative, so I happily went on my merry way.  You can find it in the grains section (I purchased it from a Korean market). I had it mixed with sprouted rice which created a wholesome, filling combination enjoyed with homemade orange chicken.

If you’re looking for another healthy snack option check out these chips and crackers.


Close-up of Messy Monkeys Apple & Cinnamon Flavor
Messy Monkeys Apple & Cinnamon Flavor
  • The Messy Monkeys Baked Snacks are similar to Cheerios cereal: nice crunch and small enough to eat by the handful.
  • Cheddar flavor: the coating is not too thick and there’s no artificial color that sticks to your fingers
  • Baked Snack Apple and Cinnamon: minimal residue (less than cheddar)


Cheddar Flavor
  • Cheddar
    • It also tasted differently than other cheese snacks in that there was more of a hint of parmesan flavor to me even though the cheese listed is cheddar. 
    • Definitely not the same flavor as Cheetos and not as salty or heavy.
    • I’d say it skews closer to the taste of Pirates Booty but the texture crunchier.
  • Baked Snack Apple and Cinnamon
    • This flavor is more of a sweet snack but definitely not too sugary tasting (1 g per bag).
    • It’s like snacking on Apple Jacks cereal with more wholesome grain ingredients including quinoa!⁣
    • The ratio of apple and cinnamon flavor is done well and although the o-shapes are small they are surprisingly more filling than cereal because of the whole grain ingredients.

Snack Summary

  • Surprisingly the amount of product was satisfying which is rare for air-filled snack bags nowadays 🙄
  • Highly recommend especially if you’re into alternative, healthier ingredients in your snacks!⁣
  • I haven’t tried many Australian brands but between these and Tim Tams I’m sold!
  • Definitely worth trying out this Australian snack even if you’re not a kid 🤣 #kidatheart⁣




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