New Milk Bar Cookies

Christina Tosi and her line of Milk Bar products have become an American foodie’s dessert staple. When the new Milk Bar cookies dropped I knew I had to try many of them – you know…for the sake of science!

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the ever popular Birthday Cake and Milk Bar Pie (previously and forever known as “Crack Pie”). The family of Milk Bar Cookies has just grown and we can now welcome three more babies to the line. Read on to see how these 3 new products compare to the original Milk Bar cookies!

How are they different?

Smaller, packaged as 4 pairs/box, softer, and chewier (I actually prefer these over the bakery cookies!)

Milk Bar cookie boxes

Nutrition Stuff

Honestly it’s a whole lotta butter and sugar – but would you have it any other way? Milk Bar also claims: no artificial flavors, colors, or ingredients. 


Each box comes with 4 smaller packages that contain 2 cookies each (so 8 total)! Perfect for a quick few bites to satisfy a sweet tooth craving.

These would also make wonderful gifts as they come in a cute box shaped like a milk carton in three amazing, bright array of colors.

Milk Bar cookies wrapped


The Compost and Cornflake Chocolate Cookies have a weird wheat bread smell that doesn’t belong on a cookie.

I have nothing against wheat bread (actually prefer it over white bread), but I prefer my cookies to smell like butter, sweetness, and chocolate. If I wanted to smell bread I’d make a sandwich…


Chewy with a soft bite. But not the type of soft where the cookie falls apart and leaves a trail of crumbs. The chewiness lends itself to a less messy experience.  

Think: Pepperidge Farm’s Soft Baked Cookies but chewier and smaller (also much more hipster). A suburbia vs a city cookie (I mean c’mon…a cookie with cornflakes and potato chips?!).

So obviously me being a city girl living in LA and a sucker for gimmicky foods and packaging – I love the texture of these because there’s a lot going on.

Confetti Cookie

Milk Bar confetti cookie texture

Probably the least varied in texture as the only “topping” are the sprinkles – nothing super different with this added element. 

Compost Cookie

Milk Bar compost cookie texture
  • Includes pretzels, potato chips, graham crackers, coffee, oats, and…oh let’s just add butterscotch chips to the bunch!
  • Obviously with this amount of toppings you get a nice range from crunchy to chewy to grainy 

Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip

  • Surprisingly despite the lesser amount of toppings the texture of these were very similar to the Compost Cookie
  • I didn’t quite taste a unique effect from the marshmallows but they helped with the chewy aspect
Milk Bar cornflake cookie texture


With so much texture going on each cookie has a distinct flavor, but overall none are super bland or overly sweet.

Confetti Cookie

Milk Bar confetti cookie whole
  • Oddly these had a wheat bread taste that slowly dissipated with each bite but not completely.
  • The sprinkles eventually provided more sweetness, but overall the wheat bread taste prevailed.

Compost Cookie

Milk Bar compost cookie whole
  • With so much embedded in this cookie it was a fun experience tasting the toppings one by one
  • The slight hint of salt from the pretzels and potato chips mixed well with the sweetness from the butterscotch chips and graham crackers.
  • The lasting impression was the coffee flavor, so if you are a coffee person this cookie is for you!

Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip

Milk Bar cornflake cookie whole
  • Semi-sweet base similar to the compost cookie
  • No weird wheat bread flavor
  • More chocolate flavor and without the coffee taste  

Where to Find 

Milk Bar cookie boxes bottom

Surprisingly the new Milk Bar Cookies aren’t available in Milk Bar Stores (or online), but they are more accessible for those who don’t live in LA, NYC, DC, Boston, Vegas, or Toronto (where Milk Bar locations exist) 

Instead, you will find these gems at Whole Foods or Amazon. You can either ship from Amazon or order through Amazon Fresh for same-day delivery!



  • For being packaged cookies they taste ok, but cookies are just better overall warmed, soft, and slightly chewy (in my humble opinion)
  • I put them in my air fryer for 3 minutes at 350 degrees Farenheight and will probably only eat them this way moving forward!
  • Love my GoWise airfryer I use more than any other appliance besides the stovetop!
Milk Bar cookie boxes side

Snack Summary 

  • If you’re willing to splurge on a packaged cookie these are worth the try
  • They taste better when you reheat in an air fryer 
  • Satisfyingly soft and chewy with varied textures from the many toppings
  • Check out their IG for fun recipes!

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