Peatos: The Healthy Cheetos?!

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Peatos vs Cheetos Nutrition Facts

Attention Cheetos and cheesy snack lovers! Check out this Peatos snack review!

We can all rejoice over this healthier alternative which also comes in a variety of flavors.

Nutrition Facts

  • non-GMO
  • two vegan options (Masala and Fiery Hot)
  • no artificial flavors or colors
  • first ingredients are pea and lentil flour and fava bean protein
  • 4 g of protein and 3 g of fiber per serving.

Full nutrition facts can be found on their website with a comparison of Cheetos nutrition facts (spoiler alert: less protein, less fiber, more salt, more calories).

Should be noted that both Peatos snacks and Cheetos are gluten-free.

Peatos Classic Cheese Nutrition Facts
Peatos Classic Cheese Nutrition Facts

A Deeper Look at Peatos Snacks


Similar to crunchy Cheetos but smaller and thinner. The coating doesn’t stick to my fingers as much and there’s a standard level of crunch. 

They do have a bumpy texture (not like a smooth Pepero stick) that helps the seasoning stick. Plus it give them a cool cute shape!


One small feedback point – the material of the bag makes it difficult to reseal or fold unless to have tape or a chip clip (or eat it all in one sitting… which is possible on an empty stomach haha).

Luckily, the Peatos team graciously included a chip clip and it sure did come in handy.

How Do These Healthy Cheetos Alternatives Taste?

  • 🧀 Classic cheese – for the fans of the classic, bold cheddar taste (think mac n cheese, cheddar slices, Ritz crackers) 
  • 🔥 Fiery hot – for those who like a kick with a slight tangy hint of vinegar. Not as spicy as Flammin Hot seasoning which worked for my low spice threshold
  • 🔆 Masala – for those who enjoy bold flavors. The Masala seasoning is strong and hits you right away. Not overkill but definitely alerting and different than the standard cheese snack.
  • 🌭 Chili Cheese – for those who prefer the mesquite, bbq taste but this one is more mild than Lays or Ruffles bbq. The cheese didn’t stand out to me and this flavor was probably the most subtle of the four.
All 4 Peatos Flavros

Where to Purchase

I found my bags at Ralphs and Pavilions here in Los Angeles. There is a store finder option on their website to make it easy to stock up!

Peatos Snack Summary

I highly recommend these lentils snack and pea chips.

Thank you to Sarah and Seeza from the Peatos team for sending me these goodies to review. Let me know if you’ve spotted them in your local grocery store!

Comment below which flavor you wanna try first.

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