PopCorners Chips Review (We Tried Them All)

It’s not too common to find an addicting yet guilt-free snack to munch on non-stop. PopCorners Chips are one of those snacks for me. I’m not one to swear by labels, but when there are healthier alternatives that taste amazing, I give myself an extra pat on the back. Baby steps, right? 

4 flavors of Pop Corners

How are PopCorners Chips different?

Nutrition Stuff

Direct quote from their website for those interested: “Never fried. Verified non-GMO. Kosher. Certified gluten-free. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. 120 calories/serving. 0 grams of trans fat. No nuts. No dairy. Vegan.”

Sounds good to me!

Nutrition info


I love the variety of the bag sizes, which range from individual to big family packs (that I’ve finished on my own, but that’s a story for another time). 

You can find the standard 7 oz sizes in most grocery stores, but if you want a bigger bang for your buck: Costco has a box of 28 1 oz bags or the massive 20 oz family size. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find all flavor varieties in one location. Their website or Amazon is probably your best bet. 

The amount of chips in each bag is satisfying, but these are addicting, so 1 oz bags may not match your cravings.


Nothing out of the ordinary. Each flavor has a savory and light corn chip scent.

Close up of Pop Corners chip


Lots of crunch with a hint of puff. Not grainy like a tortilla chip. The puffed texture gives a fun contrast and makes it slightly denser than chips (in a good way).


I love sweet and salty combos, so naturally, I gravitated toward the Kettle Corn and Sweet Chili flavors. There’s a flavor for everyone, and the seasoning for each one I’ve tried has not been too salty or overwhelming. Can you already tell how much I love these?!


I’ll briefly touch on each flavor I’ve tried. I still need to get my hands on Jalapeno Cheddar and Cinema Style Butter. Has anyone tried these? Thoughts?!

Kettle Corn PopCorners Chips: a perfectly harmonious blend of sweet and salty. Often kettle corn isn’t done right and isn’t sweet enough for me, but this ratio is perfect!

Kettle Corn Flavor

Sea Salt PopCorners Chips: not too salty and makes a safe, neutral choice. It would be great for dips and creative recipes.

Sea Salt flavor

White Cheddar PopCorners Chips: Reminds me of white cheddar rice cakes and very typical powdered cheese flavor

White cheddar flavor

Spicy Queso PopCorners Chips: Bit of an extra kick compared to white cheddar with a hint of…beans?

Spicy Queso flavor

Sweet Chili PopCorners Chips: Similar to Kettle Corn in terms of retaining a sweet and salty combo but with an added kick of spice

Which flavor is calling out your name?!

Other Products

I haven’t personally tried these other two products, but I thought I’d mention them in case you want to keep your eyes on the lookout! Check out this review if you’re interested in other healthy chip alternatives.

Pop Corners Flex Energy-Packed Protein Crisps

Website description: “These grain-free flavor-packed, air-popped crisps combine soybean and cassava, delivering 10 grams of plant-based protein.”

Flavors: Cheddar and Sour Cream, Barbeque, Buffalo

Pop Corners Flourish Lightly Salted Veggie Crisps 

Not fried and enhanced with superfoods

Flavors: Roasted Beets, Greens & Beans with Yellow Corn/Green Pease/Yellow Peas, Harvest Kale with Chickpeas/Rice/Brussel Sprouts, and Toasted Cauliflower with Chickpeas/Rice & Yellow Peas

Where to Find 

Amazon, Costco, and the PopCorners website are the most accessible places to get your hands on these addicting bags. Local grocery stores typically also carry these but be mindful of any safety considerations for your health as you’re out and about. 

Snack Summary 

  • Worth trying in every flavor, but my favorites are: Kettle Corn and Sweet Chili.
  • Deliciously light, satisfying, and wide range of flavors
  • Check out their website for more info, including fun recipes!

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