Puchao Gummy Candy Review

Puchao YouTube Review

I first spotted Puchao Gummy n Soft Candy on Snackgator’s Instagram and was immediately intrigued because they reminded me of Hi-Chew which are amazing! I love Japanese candy – especially their fruity candy (Puré Gummy Blood Orange flavor is my holy grail).

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Overall, the fruit flavors are stronger than Hi-Chew, but the texture is completely different. These do not quite live up to the “gummy n soft” in the name – definitely more chewy containing gummy bits inside.

I personally found it to be a little too laborious for my teeth, but obviously if you can withhold from chewing the candy right away the texture does soften. With Hi-Chew I can bite into the each piece, but with Puchao it’s more of a lingering experience.


Puchao Fruit Flavors
Puchao Fruit Flavors

Fun Puchao flavors include:

  • Strawberry
  • Grape
  • Ramune Soda
  • Mango
  • Melon
  • Cola
  • Uji Matcha

Packaging comes in one flavored sticks or multi-flavored bags. The complexity of flavors is there for those who enjoy fruity combinations and tartness (mango and grape were tart while strawberry and melon were more mild).

Where to Find Puchao Gummy Candy

This brand has been was exploding all over LA. I’ve seen them everywhere including Ralph’s grocery store, Forever 21 (surprisingly an excellent source of snacks), and World Market. These can also be found on Amazon but it’s definitely more cost effective to purchase in person.

With so much immersion of Asian food in the States it’s been refreshing to find unique treats outside of Asian grocery stores.

Snack Summary of Puchao Gummy Candy

I personally prefer Hi-Chew over Puchao because of the softer texture and stronger strawberry flavor (my personal fave). If you’re able to let your candy linger you may enjoy Puchao more for the longer lasting texture as both companies offer a nice scope of flavors.

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