Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin Review

Best News Ever

In recent snack world news: Irvins Salted Egg snacks are finally coming to the US! I think I first posted about them on Instagram about 1 year ago. My oh my, how so much can change in just one year.

Thankfully, more companies have produced delicious salted egg snacks as well. So far I have tried: Tochi Snacks (full review here), Jimmy’s Salted Egg, and Fragrance Salted Egg. I love how expansive salted egg chips have become here in the States ranging from salted egg fish skins to salted egg potato sticks.

In this article, I’ll break down two different salted egg fish skin brands: Irvins and The Golden Duck

Salted Egg Story Time

Can’t Decide Which to Try First!

I really do have the most supportive friends and peers when they learn about my passion for snacking. As soon as one recommended I try Irvins brand salted egg chips, the world came full circle and two people in my life happened to have leftover bags from recent travels to Asia. Talk about clutch!

I had never tasted anything like it despite my recent travels to Singapore and Malaysia. I know, I know. Really failed on that part. Still kicking myself to this day lol.

Back to the Salted Egg Review

The two brands I’ll be talking about are Irvins and The Golden Duck – only because these were the main two I found on Amazon at the peak of my obsession. Since then as mentioned above, more brands have thankfully added to this unique flavor in the world of snacks. 

First Impression

Irvins Brand

Texture of Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps

The salted egg fish skins reminded me of fish sauce, but don’t let that scare you! It’s just the right amount and you’ll find yourself reaching for more. If you’re a shrimp chip fan and enjoy Southeast Asian flavors you will LOVE this snack. 

It’s savory with layers of flavors including curry and pepper but it’s not too spicy. The texture is so unique: it has a soft crunch – similar to chicharrones but not as thick or chewy.

Unfortunately, my order took about 1 month to ship last year but news just recently broke out that Irvins Brand (including the salted egg potato chips and salted egg cassava chips) will be available in LA soon at Bopomofo Cafe! Boba + salted egg snacks? Few combos can beat that. Once again, Wong Fu for the win! 

Irvins motto “dangerously addictive” is definitely true so don’t say you weren’t warned!⁣

The Golden Duck

Texture of The Golden Duck Salted Egg Fish Skin Crisps

The textures of these fish skin crisps were pretty similar except The Golden Duck pieces were slightly smaller. But this did not affect the level of crispiness or crunch which closely resembled Irvins. The main difference for me was the hint of coconut flavor in these. The Golden Duck brand fish skin crisps also have a fishy, curry flavor with a subtle spicy kick. 

In choosing which brand to start with I think it all depends on your personal preference. Irvins seems to be the most popular and The OG so I personally feel they would be a good one to start with for a baseline taste test.

But if you know you enjoy a little coconut flavor in your chips and are drawn to chips/popcorn cooked with coconut oil then The Golden Duck certainly won’t be disappointing.

Price & Accessibility

The only womp womp part of this whole snack craze is the price and accessibility. While I am rejoicing over Irvins’ launch in the US and acknowledge that it’s a good start, it still won’t be widely accessible like the cult classic shrimp chip. 

From what the Snacks With Kat snack family has reported – some major Asian grocery chains (i.e. 99 Ranch/HMart) carry other brands so check them out. With the rise in brands producing salted egg snacks, I wonder if the market will see a wider range in price point.

The average price is definitely higher compared to other familiar Asian snack flavors in the US. I paid about $14 for Irvins and The Golden Duck brands through Amazon. Other brands online range from $10-$48 depending on package size.

Irvins vs The Golden Duck

Snack Summary  

  • The hype is real if you like fish/seafood flavors and Asian chips
  • This salted egg craze is finally gaining more popularity in the US
  • Prices are still higher than average compared to other Asian snacks
  • But if you’re an indulgent snacker: it’s worth it!

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