Sorry Not Sorry LA Review

Pre-COVID, the incredible space of Sorry Not Sorry LA was a go-to happy hour spot for my coworkers and me because it offers a wide range of cocktail and food menu to order from. It was always such a relief to be here after the day’s or the week’s bustles and de-stress.

sorry not sorry la

Sorry Not Sorry Vs. CoViD19 

Amidst the pandemic, it’s excellent news that this restaurant is open for dine-in. I was incredibly impressed by how Kim, the LA garden owner, transformed a simple parking lot into a safe atmosphere for her team and customers. 

They observe certain protocols for the safety of the whole Sorry Not Sorry team and their patrons. They request guests to follow through a set of guidelines to maintain everybody’s happy hour’s safety.

If you plan on visiting Sorry Not Sorry soon, read through their set of guidelines and new facility layout for CoViD19.

Safety measures:

  • Capacity control inside the restaurant
  • Temperature checks
  • Contact tracing fill-up form
  • Open space setting
  • Spacious distance between tables for physical distancing
  • Digital menus
  • Wearing of masks 
  • Mandatory hand sanitation upon entering
  • Hourly disinfection of high touched surfaces (i.e., doorknobs, sink handles)
  • Disinfection of tables in between guests


The vibes were playful and fun during the day and transformed into a romantic nighttime vibe with a projector screen and garden lights.

Perfect for LA weather and versatile, Sorry Not Sorry is a 4000 sq. Ft. open-air back patio where you can enjoy the night with your date, family, friends, or even by yourself. 


sorry not sorry la food

A unique take on classics with some Asian fusion flair! My personal favorites are the buffalo cauliflower poppers, turmeric garlic fries, the most tender juicy chicken salad ever, and the shaking beef burger. Still, the rest of the menu is just as good and a bunch of must-tries!


sorry not sorry la drinks

Their strong and tasty cocktail menu has the most creative names and the cutest presentation! I also appreciated that they made me a mocktail as a nightcap for my lightweight self.

Check out their themed nights (i.e., Whiskey Wednesdays), which feature a wide selection to order from, at the best prices you’ll find on Westside Los Angeles.

Where to Find

If you’re ever in West Los Angeles looking for a hangout to make the most of your happy hour or just want to chill safely, 11520 W Pico Boulevard, LA is the place to be.

You can stroll through their Sorry Not Sorry website if you’re going to look at the selections of food and drinks they have on their menu so you will know what to order.

Stroll around their Instagram and Facebook accounts to see their mouthwatering menu served in photographs.  


Sincere thanks to Kim for sharing her story and inviting me to experience this new setup. I definitely relished the offers on the menu and knowing that safety precautions are taken seriously eases and allows me to enjoy my time without worry.

I’m sure the rest of the LA folks will love this safe set up. I genuinely admire the owner’s work ethic and ingenuity, especially as an Asian-American female entrepreneur.

Many thanks to Kim and her team for the kind hospitality. I would, for sure, come back for more, and I most definitely will not be sorry. 

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