Tochi Snacks: Changing the Game of Salted Egg Chips

What is salted egg?

According to Yummy PH: simply put, salted eggs are duck eggs cured in brine (salty water) for several weeks and often enjoyed in many Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. However the introduction of this flavor into the snack world began in Singapore. I first tried it on fish skin crisps but nowadays you can also find salted egg on chips, cassava chips, pineapple tarts, and tempura seaweed.

From Asia to the U.S.

Most of the recommended brands I looked up sell only within Singapore or Malaysia with the exception of Irvins Salted Egg Chips and The Golden Duck Salted Egg Chips which are on Amazon. Yamibuy (an e-commerce platform for Asian goods) offers a few more options as well. Access is definitely easier in Asia (especially Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia) where the salted egg craze has really spread. Yet another reason to go back!

I feel like this snack trend has not *yet* gone viral in the U.S. but that is where Tochi Snacks is changing the game.

If you’re wondering, “Where to buy salted egg chips in USA?” like I was we now have another option!

Not only are Tochi Snacks’ small batches hand-made in the U.S. but I really admire their dedication to using all natural ingredients. As healthy snacking becomes a larger movement, I’m curious how this will change the face of Asian snacks. I’ve seen “healthier” versions of classic cereals and even Girl Scout Cookies, but will this movement be limited to American classics? I hope not!

Fellow American salted egg snack lovers: REJOICE because this U.S. company has brought an amazing snack trend to our hood and I’m all for it.

The Value of Quality

For the quantity, the price point ($16.50) is a little more than other brands on the market, but you are getting all natural ingredients and supporting a small business who emphasizes hand-crafting small batches using socially responsible means in the U.S.

Like any company holding these values to heart, there will be a surcharge but personally I find that it’s worth it seeing that *spoiler alert* their products taste top notch. The co-founders stories are pretty inspiring so definitely check out their website to learn more about this company while you’re ordering some [snack]life changing chips.

Tochi Spicy Close Up


Because the seasoning is generous in each flavor, the chips have a soft, velvet coating that delightfully settles on your tongue leaving you reminiscing about trips to Asia. Ok maybe not everyone daydreams like me while snacking, but I can’t help but indulge in the memories when a particular product triggers these experiences. That’s how you know it’s been made right!

Both the Spicy and Original flavors have a texture similar to classic Lays – light and crispy but not too oily. The unique Kettle texture is more up my alley being thicker and slightly more resilient. I appreciate the deeper crunch and usually do prefer the Kettle cooked style for most chips.

Of note, I did not find other salted egg brands with a Kettle style chip so props to Tochi Snacks for introducing a new player in this salted egg game!


Admittedly I struggle with describing the salted egg seasoning to someone who has never tried it because of all the layers. Ingredients include: potatoes, vegetable oil, salted duck egg yolks, ghee, organic coconut oil, chili pads, curry leaves, Himalayan pink salt, organic cane sugar, soy sauce powder, ponzu sauce, and white rice vinegar.

It’s a creatively complex mix of flavors hitting you at once. You have a mild sweet hint of coconut, savory touches from the curry leaves and brine, and a nice little spice kick. Compared to the salted egg fish skin snacks I reviewed – these don’t have as strong of a seafood flavor and would make a great way to introduce salted egg to your palate.

I love trying to figure out the ingredients in layers which shows you the depth of flavor these chips offer. Listed are the unique aspects of each chip in addition to the salted egg taste:

Tochi Original Top Shot

Tochi Original Close Up
Details of Tochi Original Flavor

⚪️ Original – the coconut flavor is more pronounced to me here

⚫️ Kettle – more potato flavor which I prefer for a more balanced experience

🔴 Spicy – obviously these have an elevated spice kick but it isn’t unbearable for the faint of tongue that I am

Tochi Kettle Bag
Tochi Kettle Close Up
Details of Kettle Cooked Flavor

Where to Purchase

If you live outside New York City you can buy these on their website. Visit their Instagram to find where they are carried in the NYC area (it’s also saved in their stories highlights).

Snack Summary

Tochi Snacks brings an elevated take on the salted egg snack craze to the U.S. Definitely worth the gourmet price due to higher quality ingredients giving chip lovers a new type of snacking experience.

Have you tried any other salted egg snacks? Please comment below and share this post with someone who loves uniquely flavored chips!⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

Tochi Snack Bags

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