Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Cheese Cracker Review
Tokyo Cheese Duo

Crackers for Grown-Ups

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory crackers remind me of a grown up version of the Ritz cheese sandwich crackers. I had no idea what to expect nor did I know how popular this snack is in Asia. I have not seen a lot of snacks with cheese or milk in Japan. It is definitely a gourmet type of snack but worth the price (like many Japanese delicacies) in my opinion. It’s like a grown up version of the Ritz cheese sandwich crackers. Have you tried Japan milk or Japan cheese in snack form?

Tokyo Milk Cheese Bite


⁣⁣The outer layer is slightly harder than the buttery Ritz cracker but still gentle enough to bite into. The cheese filling isn’t as processed tasting or soft but still dissolves on your tongue. These are individually wrapped and on the small side. I’d say you need 2-3 to be satisfied unless you savor it really slowly (which maybe at that price wouldn’t be a bad idea).⁣⁣


My first thought was the cheese filling reminded me of cream cheese. It’s not as sharp as the Ritz cracker cheese filling but still has a slight tart taste. It’s so different especially the honey flavor because of the drop of extra sweetness. Honestly the cheese tasted the same to me in each although they’re different. I’m not a big honey fan so maybe I noticed it more and why I prefer the salted flavor. ⁣⁣

Tokyo Milk Cheese Single Corner

Flavors & Products

On their website they list three products. You can buy the cheese crackers in packs of 10/20/40. They retail for about $15-19 USD for a 10 pack on various sites. These should definitely be savored as they run a little high in price. During my search I came across more flavors not advertised on their website. These may be season or location specialties as I saw some flavors only on Yamibuy fulfilled by Tokyo Express.

  • Salt & Camembert Cookies: Made with Hokkaido milk and French Guérande salt, and a camembert cheese chocolate filling in between (Source: website)
  • Honey & Gorgonzola: Spanish rosemary honey, and a rich gorgonzola cheese chocolate filling in between (Source: website)
  • Strawberry Milk Tea Cookies: Purchase here
  • Blueberry Cookies: Purchase here
  • Porcini Gouda Cookies: Purchase here
  • Milk Cheesecake (refrigerated): French and Hokkaido’s cream cheese blended with Hokkaido’s fresh cream and well-selected milk. The taste of Milk Cheesecake represents the origin of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory. Delicious cheese and milk mousses gently wrapped in a crepe (Source: website)

Where to Purchase Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Crackers

  • Amazon
  • Yamibuy (also a great source for salted egg snacks!)
  • Ebay
  • Asia (from a quick search they seem more popular in Hong Kong, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia)
Tokyo Milk Cheese Bite

Snack Summary

If you don’t mind paying gourmet prices for unique gourmet snacks – this is worth a taste! I wish I could try more of their products but like many treats out there – you’ll have to hunt down this brand in Asia. Have you tried anything else by this company?!⁣⁣




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