Tsurumaru Udon Review

Japan is one of Asia’s best countries to offer delicious snacks and food made with fresh and creative ingredients. They can make a simple noodle dish into something fancy and tasty while incorporating the country’s culture in each dish. 

Tsurumaru Udon Company

Tsurumaru Udon hopes to share Japanese culture through taste and freshness. They have been offering different Japanese cuisines since 2013 in their first-ever location in DTLA. The company wishes to let customers enjoy homemade noodles that are made from scratch on a daily basis. Their quality of traditional Japanese food aims to take your imaginations to Japan. 

tsurumaru udon
Homemade noodles for fresh-tasting experience. Source: Tsurumaru Udon

⁣Items I’ve Tried 

Their menu is pretty extensive, so there’s definitely something for everyone! The takeout process was easy (all done online), and it held up well on my 20 min drive home. I tried:⁣ 

  • Spicy Hiyashi Bukkake Udon: it brings refreshing taste with its unique yuzu dipping sauce⁣
  • Hiyashi Chuka Udon: I loved the spicy umami dipping sauce, and the eggs were cooked perfectly⁣
  • Shrimp Katsu Dog: It has a soft bun, and I loved the crispy shrimp tempura with tartar sauce⁣
  • Karaage Omusube: well-seasoned just not as crispy as a full order of karaage⁣
  • Cinnamon Sugar Mochi Fries: This side-dish is addicting and chewy!⁣

Where to Find Tsurumaru Udon

Your Jap cravings are attainable in California. Tsurumaru Udon caters to take out and delivery orders in the following branches, Little Tokyo Galleria 333 S. Alameda Street and 2nd-floor Food Alley in Westfield Santa Anita 400 S. Baldwin Avenue Arcadia. You can check out their store hours and menu on the Tsurumaru Udon Website

Insider Advice

Thank you, @tsurumaru_udon, for hosting this giveaway and inviting me to try the new summer menu! ⁣Such a good deal and delicious option to support a local small business.⁣ I absolutely love soupless noodle dishes, so this non-soup udon menu had me hooked. These are typically served cold, but there’s an option to order it hot. The udon noodles are made fresh in-house!⁣

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